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英语演讲比赛演讲稿:My Hometown


  英语演讲比赛演讲稿:My Hometown
  My Hometown
Ladies and Gentlemen,
  Thanks for your coming, I fell so happy , I have this chance to stand there to share my ideas about my hometown with you all.
  A culture creats a city, the water and soil bring up the people. At the foot of Erlang mountain, in the middle of Sichuan province, lies a small town named Tian Quan. I am proud to say: it is my hometown.
  Wherever I go, Tian Quan stays in my deep memory forever. I can not forget the place where I was born and grow up, I can not forget the place where surrounded by green mountains and water, I can not forget the good and honest people who working hard in there, I can not forget every river, every street there.
  Standing at the top of the WenBi mountain, you will catch a bird’s eye view of the whole Tian Quan. You will find it is a beautiful picture including the mordern colour and old smell.
  Looking at the lovly provious animals , such as panda, Takin, Golden monkey. You will thinks the nature has special power to make life so wonderful.
  My hometown has a long history of culture. There is the tea-horse-accient-way, which attracts Chinese and foreign tourists to visit .  Walking on the tea-horse-accient-way, you can’t help sign in regret how long our culture is!
  Tian Quan is also famous for it’s culture of tea. In summer , the farmers work on the tea plantations, you will regard it as a lively picture. If you have a chance to work on the tea plantations, you can’t miss it! You can enjoy the tea and learn more about tea at the same time .How wonderful it is!
  I want to say a song for my hometown, but I don’t know what kinds of music is fit for her, I want to write a poem for her, but I don’t know what words can describe her.
  Everyday is a new beginning , put you hands together , give a smile to the land, say a words to Tian Quan : you will in my heart , forever.
  Thanks for your listening,thanks.

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